Jan Peter Mayser


I am a Post-Doc at the University of Bristol based in chemistry in the Organic Geochemistry Unit (OGU). As an organic geochemist, I am specifically interested in palaeo-environmental reconstructions and how large tectonic impacts on the region affect the biogeochemistry.

My current research focuses on:

· Biogeochemistry of extreme environments (e.g. arid, high salinity, high elevation).

· Understanding biogeochemical processes by looking into the stable isotopic composition of organic compounds.

· Understanding influences of extreme temperature and aridity on microorganisms.

· Studying shifts of biodiversity change as environments transform long-term due to tectonic events.

My former research area focused on the increase of palaeo-environmental sensitivity after the onset of the Messinian Salinity Crisis, a period of reduced Mediterranean-Atlantic exchange in the late Miocene, in which 1.5 km of evaporites precipitated basins of the Mediterranean Sea. High fluctuations in temperature and hydrology manifested in the change of vegetation mark the onset of the crisis in the Mediterranean region.

Contact details: JP.Mayser@bristol.ac.uk


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