Daniel Lunt

I am a Professor of Climate Science in the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol. I have over over 15 years’ experience in developing and running Climate and Earth System models in order to address questions and hypotheses related to past and future climate change. A particular focus has been on the role of paleogeography in determining climate change over geological timescales. Area’s of research include (and not limited too):

  • Understanding warm climate of the past and the Eocene-Oligocene transitions using a proxy-climate model based approach.
  • Climate model simulation of the Cenozoic and Mesoczoic,
  • Understanding the future planetary impact of Geoengineering.

I lead the international ‘DeepMIP’ project, which aims to characterise and understand deep-time climates through an integrated model-data approach. He is currently PI/Co-I on two NERC grants including “Cretaceous-Paleocene-Eocene: Exploring Climate and Climate Sensitivity”, Previously I was the lead organiser of the 2011 Royal Society Discussion Meeting on “Warm climates of the past – a lesson for the future?”, and the 2011 Royal Society Kavli meeting on “Reconstructing and understanding CO2 variability in the past”. I am also the founding Chief Executive Editor of Geoscientific Model Development (until April 2015). My past research on Geoengineering led me to provide oral evidence to a UK Government Select Committee on Geoengineering. In 2010 I was was awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize for my work on climate modelling.

Contact details: d.j.lunt@bristol.ac.uk


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