Alex Farnsworth

I am a Senior Research Associate based in the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol. My primary research interests centres on the role of the hydrological cycle in climate change, specifically on precipitation dynamics and the role of monsoon systems.

My current interests focus on:

  • The onset and evolution of monsoon systems through the Geologic past and how knowledge of their variability can aid our understanding of future prediction of monsoon variability in a warming world.
  • Estimation of past climate sensitivity, in particular paleogeogrpahic controls on climate sensitivity.
  • Modelling tropical cyclones.
  • Evaluation of models and proxies, in particular the spatial coherence of sparse data-sets and how better understanding of the spatial uncertainty can aide more robust evaluation of past environmental change.
  • Evaluation of climate models against modern observations.

I am currently investigating large-scale atmospheric and oceanic controls on past climate change through the Cenozoic and Mesozoic and how changes in past environments can inform us about future climate change.

Previous research examined the dynamics of the central African monsoon system and interannual variability in the monsoon using model and observational data. The role of land surface – atmospheric interactions on precipitation resulting from land surface change under future climate regimes was a key focus of this research.

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