Proxy data

Latest geologic and proxy results:

A list of the latest results from the UMBRELLA team is listed below in digest form. Click on the individual links to find out the latest results from the geologic fieldwork and accompanying pollen and biomarker analysis as it comes out:


Geologic overview of the Jinggu Basin, Yunnan – by Bob Spicer.


Here an overview of the Jinggu basin, Yunnan (China), fieldwork undertaken by the UMBRELLA team is given with some indication about the geologic background of the site, the inferred depositional environment, its importance as well as the type of climatically sensitive sediments that were found in the measured section. This is proving to be a very interesting geologic section and once the pollen and biomarker analysis has been performed we hope we can establish new ideas and theories on the long-term climatic evolution of the region.

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