BETR workshop, XTBG – Yunnan, China: 4th to 8th September, 2018

September saw the UMBRELLA team all gather together in XTGB once again for a series of meeting’s, paper discussions and project targets, however we were also very excited to have a general meeting with the other two BETR projects (BETR – Proterozoic-Phanerozoic transition & BETR – Eco-PT) joining us for a general meeting and workshop. This brought together over 30 academics and experts in their field for some high level discussions and planning for the way forward and a further 60 PhD students from all over China to learn about some of the exciting science being conducted in all three projects as well as learning state-of-the-art environmental reconstruction techniques.

The work shop consisted of presentations and practicals (itinerary below) from both the BETR project academics as well as invited speakers given over the course of three days (download the lectures from the embedded links). The weather was surprisingly great with only one day of monsoonal rain, although still in the midst of the monsoon season it seemed the sun was shinning on us all by granting us a monsoon break period for the duration of our stay.

Workshop lectures:

As promised during the workshop,most of the pdfs can be made open to download. At the moment, 7 lectures have been uploaded. The rest will be uploaded gradually.

Further details of the workshop can be found on the BETR project page.