Tastes of China!

Our 4th trip in China reminded us just how wonderful the food is and especially how varied it can be from region to region due to the many different cultures and people who inhabit this wonderful country. After a long day collecting field samples it tastes even better too!

Thus far we have been able to experience some very tasty food from Xishguanbana (Southern China), Sichuan (very hot and spicy!!), Tibet (the Tibetan Yak tea is a must), Beijing (Duck..need I say more?), Guangzhou (a Guangzhou breakfast is something that must be experienced, I still dream about this) and lastly, but not least Dai food (similar too Thailand with a Chinese twist).

I could go on about the various delicious tastes, sights and smells as well as the unexpected ones (did you know Tibetans really like chips! We found this was a staple in both Lhasa and Shigatze). I am already looking forward to next May to see what Eastern Tibet has in store! For those wondering, don’t worry a post on our Tibetan fieldwork is coming very soon!

Best, Alex